Simply Clean

Sleep better without all those chemicals lurking in your closet. Our process is the greenest in the industry - no packaging waste or toxic solvents to muck up your world.

Clothes Tracker

Your clothes are never out of sight. We photograph, detail and closely follow each garment throughout the cleaning process.


Free Pickup & Delivery

Yep, we do that. Anywhere within the 7x7 limits of this beautiful city of ours.

Alterations & Repair

From tightening buttons to hemming pants - and every rip, tear or snag in between, we’ll fix up your gear and return it, clean and ready to wear.


gentle & safe

Green Clean was founded in 2007 on the simple principle, Planet First. No more harmful chemicals, no more wire hangers and no more plastic bags. Everyone wins: the planet, your garbage can, your body and your family.


"Great Cleaner! They do a really nice job especially on men's shirts, no frying!!  Free pickup and delivery and enviro-friendly to boot."

- Tani W.


"....I researched all of the cleanest ways to dry-clean, and this is the very best you can get in San Francisco, or maybe anywhere. They also offer FREE pick up and delivery; do any other dry cleaners do that? I haven't run into any thus far.
The customer service has been really good; I can choose which items I want washed/wet cleaned (using no chemicals) versus dry-cleaned with the most environmentally friendly chemicals on the market."

- Erica L.